Vancare introduces a revolutionary infection control product that kills C. diff, MRSA and others while being non-toxic, non-corrosive and odor eliminating.

Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI's) are a major and growing problem in the EDS Video

United States. There is an urgent need for a more effective, comprehensive approach to infection control in order to protect everyone in care facilities from noscomial infections. Using Vancare's new revolutionary product will help facilities control their Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI's). When disinfectant is sprayed from Vancare's ESS Cart the charged droplets can reverse direction, moving against gravity, to coat and disinfect all sides of an object.

Vancare has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of mobile floor lifts in the US for over 20 years. With this new web site, products and marketing material Vancare is preparing for growth in the next decade.We are committed to providing the world's best technologies and services to the Safe Patient Handling professionals. Click here to view our company story video and to learn more about Vancare's products and production facility.

Vancare is one of the few companies in the Safe Patient Handling market that manufactures it's lifts and slings from start to finish in our own manufacturing plant. Vancare workers take a great deal of pride in their workmanship and quality. "Made with pride in the USA¬Ě" is a slogan we take to heart. The sewing division at Vancare produces an assortment of slings for patients weighing up to 1000 lbs., regardless of their shape or range-of-motion limitations. Custom-made slings are also available for special cases. Vancare can meet your needs!