Intellipack for Series II Lifts

VANCARE's Intellipack option for VERA II and Vander-Lift II lifts is a high tech option allows for data collection in the control box, work & cycle counter, service indicator, all displayed for instant viewing on control box LCD. The Service Data Tool Kit gives you the ability to read out service data on your laptop. Click here for more detailed information.

This Intellipack option is currently available only on new VERA II and Vander-Lift II lifts. We are working on the possibility of upgrading an existing lift in the field. Further details will be available as this progresses.

The Intellipack features a full LCD display on control box that gives you the following information at a glance:

  • How many full lifts the patient lift has done WITH a person/load on it. (does not count a lift if the patient lift is empty)
  • How many seconds your lift has ran with a person/load on it.
  • If your lift has been overloaded beyond its weight capacity it will shut down momentarily and display the number of overloads.
  • Count down of days until service is due. (This lets ALL staff know when the lift should have its maintenance inspection performed.)
  • Battery level indicator on LCD display and on the hand control.

ALL of this information available at a glance, keeping you & your staff informed of your lift performance.