Sling Materials

VANCARE offers a wide selection of sling materials for the comfort of those being transferred, including breathable materials and materials that help control infection.

Standard Cloth

Standard Cloth is "breathable" polyester commonly used material for normal lifting applications. It can be laundered up to 180 degrees.

"H" Cloth

"H" Cloth is a "breathable" material made with high-heat polyester that withstands temperatures up to 200 degrees. This material is often preferred where high heat laundry processes are used. With SilverPlus® Ion Technology. Maintains protection of the textile against odor-causing bacteria. 

"C" Cloth

"C" Cloth is a cool-heat polyester made with material that withstands temperatures up to 167 degrees and has a non-absorbent coating on one side for easy spot cleaning.

Non-Slip Liner

"Non-Slip Liner" is made of a "breathable" material used to grip the body. Commonly used as a liner on backbelts.

Mesh Material

"Mesh Material" is made with a polyester material used for bathing and cases where a "breathable" material is desired.


Patient Specific/Disposable "breathable" CLOTH (not paper) material is used to help with infection control and cross contamination issues. Slings or belts made with this material can be reused with a single patient until it is soiled, wet or shows signs of wear. Once the product has been laundered it must be disposed of. Each sling or belt made with this material comes with a tag for documenting Patient's name, Date of issue, laundering indicator, condensed instructions and colored size chart.                                                      


Fleece is a "breathable" synthetic material used to add softness where skin sensitivity is a concern.

Sure Chek

Sure Chek is a moisture-proof sewn in lining. It is used where infection control is a concern. It can be sewn in as a lining or used as a slip-on sling protector.