WendyLett sliding sheets are used for people who find it difficult to turn in bed. Primarily used in private residences or assisted living facilities.


The central part is smooth to reduce friction, and it enables turn-ability with little force needed. Patients effortlessly slide sideways but are slowed by the anti-slip material at the sides. WendyLett is available in white or gray/white striped color and in three sizes.

Quick Reference

Item No. Product Size Color
1609 WendyLett 100x200 white
1610 WendyLett 100x200 white
1614 WendyLett 140x200 white
1615 WendyLett 140x200 white
1620 WendyLett 2Way 90x180 white
1629 WendyLett 100x200 gray/white striped
1630 WendyLett 100x200 gray/white striped
1631 WendyLett 2Way 100x200 gray/white striped
1634 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white striped
1635 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white striped
1636 WendyLett 2Way 140x200 gray/white striped
1637 WendyLett 4Way 140x200 gray/white checked
1638 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white checked
1639 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white striped
1640 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white striped
1641 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white striped
1642 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white striped
1643 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white checked
1644 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white checked
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