The Vancare WendyLett2Way is a drawsheet on top of a WendyLett to make turning and positioning easier.


WendyLett2Way is for turning patients in bed from side to side. If you want to turn and re-position up in bed the WendyLett 4way is a better choice.

Quick Reference

Item No. Product Size Color
1631 WendyLett 2Way 100x200 gray/white striped
1636 WendyLett 2Way 140x200 gray/white striped
1637 WendyLett 4Way 140x200 gray/white checked
1638 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white checked
1647 WendyLett 4Way 200x200 gray/white checked
1609 WendyLett 100x200 white
1610 WendyLett 100x200 white
1614 WendyLett 140x200 white
1615 WendyLett 140x200 white
1620 WendyLett 2Way 90x180 white
1629 WendyLett 100x200 gray/white striped
1630 WendyLett 100x200 gray/white striped
1634 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white striped
1635 WendyLett 140x200 gray/white striped
1639 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white striped
1640 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white striped
1641 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white striped
1642 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white striped
1643 WendyLett 200x200 gray/white checked
1644 WendyLett 200x90 gray/white checked
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