EasySlide 100x70

EasySlide's primary use is for transfers, for example, between beds and x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys, and cots.


EasySlide is made of microfibers with polyester padding and our special ULF material. EasySlide reduces friction against shoulder blades and hips, thus reducing risk of pressure sores. These properties make EasySlide very gentle for patients who are sensitive to pain and benefit caregivers who must avoid heavy lifts.

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Item No. Product Size
1220 EasySlide 100x70 39.3 x 27.5 inches
1230 EasySlide 100x70 39.3 x 27.5 inches (with protective cover)
1251 Protective cover 39.3 x 27.5 inches
1255 Disposable cover 39.3 x 27.5 inches
  • EasySlide 100x70

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