OneWaySlide is used to change or improve sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs.


OneWaySlide retards forward movement, yet slides backward, making it easy to re-position a patient into a more comfortable position in their chair. It has robust draw straps, which make it easy for caregivers to help patients into more comfortable positions in chairs. OneWaySlide has a soft padded surface and is very comfortable to sit on.

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Item No. Product Size
2069 OneWaySlide 40, Tubular 40 x 50 cm
2070 OneWaySlide 45, Tubular 45 x 50 cm
2074 OneWaySlide 30 130 x 30 cm, with draw straps
2075 OneWaySlide 40 130 x 40 cm, with draw straps
2076 OneWaySlide 45 130 x 45 cm , with draw straps
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