VanTurnBelt is used in combination with the VanTurn as support belt to aid in standing a patient.

It has a belt, which can then secure the patient on the VanTurn for standing therapy or transporting safely. The belt can be used alone for standing support and gait training.


VanTurnBelt is made of moisture and soiling resistant nylon with a gentler, more comfortable polyester surface against the body. Vanturn belts are also available in patient specific disposable material.

Quick Reference

Item No. Product Size Measurements
6032 VanTurnBelt X-Small 25.6 - 31.5"
6033 VanTurnBelt Small 35.4 - 41.3"
6034 VanTurnBelt Medium 41.3 - 49.2"
6035 VanTurnBelt Large 49.2 - 57.1"
6036 VanTurnBelt X-Large 53.1 - 61"
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